The vision for Yesler Terrace began taking shape in 2006, when Seattle Housing created a Citizen Review Committee (CRC) comprised of residents, members of the surrounding community and other key stakeholders.

The purpose of the CRC is to make recommendations to the Seattle Housing Board of Commissioners regarding Yesler Terrace redevelopment efforts. One eduring piece of work from this committee was the creation of guiding principles which were then adopted by the Boad of Commissioners.

The Yesler Terrace Guiding Principles are based on the core values of Social Equity, Economic Opportunity, Environmental Stewardship and One-for-One Replacement Housing.

Citizen Review Committee

The CRC is made up of diverse participants representing both the immediate neighborhood and stakeholders throughout the city. Resident members were selected by the Yesler Terrace Community Council and approved by Seattle Housing Authority. Membership categories on the committee include residents, affordable housing and smart growth/sustainability advocates, city agencies and service providers. Today’s CRC members include:

  • Adrienne Quinn, Chair, Citizen Review Committee
  • Abdisamad Jama, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Angela O’Brien, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Art Rea, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Barbara Nabors Glass, Seattle Goodwill
  • Faduma Isaq, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • George Staggers, Central Area Development Association
  • Germaine Covington, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Halima Jaarso, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Jeanne Krikawa, City of Seattle Planning Commission
  • Jill Fleming, Capitol Hill Housing
  • Jim Erickson, First Hill Improvement Association
  • John Fox, Seattle Displacement Coalition
  • Julie West, Seattle & King County Public Health
  • Kent Koth, Seattle University
  • Maiko Winkler-Chin, Seattle Chiinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority
  • Mark Okazaki, Neighborhood House
  • Maureen Kostyack, City of Seattle Office of Housing
  • Maza Gebriel Desta, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Michael Lanthier, Squire Park Community Council
  • Michael Ramos, Church Council of Greater Seattle
  • Mulu Amare, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Mumina Osman,Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Ngu Vu, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Osama Quotah, Seattle Design Commission
  • Quang Nguyen, WAVA, Chamber of Commerce
  • Sara Nikolic, Puget Sound Regional Council
  • Sue Sherbrooke, Young Women’s Christian Association
  • Ted Klainer, Harborview Medical Center
  • Thomas Im, Inter*im Community Development Association
  • Xinyu Wang, Yesler Terrace Resident
  • Yin Lau, Yesler Terrace Resident

Citizen Review Committee meetings

Interpretation in multiple languages and light refreshments are provided at all CRC meetings. Please contact April Griffith (206-615-3556) if you have questions about the meeting schedule or need more information.

Promises to residents

Seattle Housing understands residents will undergo significant adjustments during the redevelopment. In anticipation of some of these changes, Seattle Housing promises the following:

We will replace all 561 units of existing housing—on site or within the immediate neighborhood—with modern, healthy, accessible and appropriate housing;

We will make provisions for existing daycare businesses to continue to operate;

Residents living at Yesler Terrace at the start of redevelopment (those who remain in compliance with their lease and are public-housing eligible) will be able to return; and

We will provide relocation assistance to all residents living at Yesler Terrace at the time of the redevelopment.

Working with partners

Renewal of housing affords the opportunity for partners across the city to work together to realize a vision for a new residential neighbohood adjacent to downtown and within a mile of 25 percent of the city’s jobs.

While the Housing Authority focuses on renewing and adding to the low-income housing, local government, nonprofit partners and private businesses will participate in adding office uses, middle-income residential, retail and neighborhood services.

New parks and open spaces will enhance the area, along with native landscaping, improved streets, and pedestrian and bike amenities. The new Yesler Terrace will be a safe, healthy and sustainable community, incorporating green design practices and enhanced transportation alternatives (including a new street car).

This renewed urban neighbohood will blend with and enhance the surrounding neighborhoods. It will be an exciting community where people across a wide income spectrum come to live, work, learn and play.

Since the project’s inception in 2006, Seattle Housing has met with and continues to meet with various Yesler Terrace constituencies, including community groups, nonprofits, neighbors (such as Harborview and Seattle University), the Design Commission, the interdepartmental City team and countless individual meetings with community leaders. Our key stakeholders include:

  • Planning Commission
  • Cascade Land Conservancy
  • Central District Community Council
  • Seattle Design Commission
  • East District Council
  • First Hill Improvement Association
  • Great Cities Initiative
  • Harborview Medical Center
  • International District Forum
  • King County
  • Seattle Central Community College
  • Little Saigon stakeholders
  • Neighborhood House
  • Seattle Chinatown International District PDA
  • Seattle School District
  • Seattle University
  • Squire Park Community Council
  • Squire Park Neighborhood Association
  • Swedish Medical Center
  • Urban League
  • Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce
  • 12th Avenue Group
  • Complete list of community outreach efforts

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