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In order to help the people in the Yesler Terrace neighborhood thrive, a coalition of partners is using $1.5 million of the Choice Neighborhoods grant to coordinate a comprehensive approach to education to improve the academic success of Yesler’s children and youth. The driving vision for these services is that every child will receive a high-quality education leading to college or living wage work.

Seattle University will oversee a “cradle-to-college” pipeline of educational support services based on the Harlem Children’s Zone model. Seattle Public Schools and other educational entities are key partners. This approach will make it possible for low-income children in the neighborhood to have access to a range of programs from early learning (e.g. Head Start) and tutoring to mentoring aimed at helping students enter college and receive scholarships. Additional partners providing educational support services on-the-ground include Neighborhood House, Catholic Community Services, and College Success Foundation.

The coalition to support the educational efforts of Yesler’s children and youth is based on the belief that the success in education is the best pathway out of poverty for children and youth. A white paper details the goals and theory of change for this initiative.

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