Kebero Court
A newly constructed six-story, 103-unit building with adjacent townhouses will be constructed at 1105 East Fir. Eighty-three of the apartments are planned to house relocated Yesler Terrace residents. Twenty of the apartments at 1105 East Fir will be available to low-income households earning below 60 percent of the Area Median Income ($52,020 a year for a family of four).
Baldwin Apartments
The Baldwin apartments, located on the corner of 13th Avenue and East Fir will be renovated from studio apartments to 15 one-bedroom apartments. The renovated Baldwin Apartments are expected to be complete around Spring 2014.
Anthem Apartments
Anthem on 12th, the first private development to be built at Yesler Terrace, is located at 12th Avenue South and East Yesler Way. Developed by Spectrum Development Solutions, the building will be six-stories with 120 apartments and will include both workforce and market-rate housing.
Raven Terrace and Hoa Mai Gardens
Raven Terrace, a new apartment building to be located at 820 Yesler Way is now under construction and will have 83 apartments, 50 of which will replace public housing units currently existing at Yesler Terrace. Seattle Housing is currently in the design and permitting phase for Hoa Mai Gardens, a 111-unit building to be located at 221 10th Avenue S, that will house 68 replacement units just south of the Yesler Community Center.
New health staff, local clinic for the neighborhood
Although Yesler Terrace is near several major hospitals, it can be very challenging for residents to access health services and understand insurance and payment requirements. Neighborcare Health will launch two new strategies to support residents and neighbors in meeting their healthcare needs, including a new health clinic at Bailey Gatzert Elementary and multilingual Community Health Educators.
Education, Economic Opportunity, and Health Resources
With its partner organizations, Seattle Housing seeks to further Social Equity and Economic Opportunities at Yesler Terrace by expanding resources most critical to the quality of life of residents. Many new opportunities and resources have already become available to residents as a result of the Choice Neighborhood funding Seattle Housing has received.
Yesler Terrace Education Engagement Specialist
Saadia Hamid helps Yesler Terrace families access educational resources and opportunities as Yesler’s new Education Engagement Specialist. Saadia, who worked for Neighborhood House for seventeen years in early learning education and family support, will help 50 Yesler students to develop educational plans that suit the needs and goals of each student.
Epstein Opportunity Center (formerly Yesler Terrace Steam Plant)
The Yesler Steam Plant, located on the corner of 8th Ave and Spruce St, is getting a new lease on life! Originally, the Steam Plant was used to provide hot water to various areas of the City. By Spring 2014, the historic building will be converted into an education and training center with additional meeting rooms for community gatherings.
Washington Hall
Built originally in 1908, Washington Hall has anchored the social and cultural activities of the Yesler Neighborhood for 100 plus years. Seattle Housing is working with Historic Seattle to rehabilitate this important neighborhood landmark. More about the project can be found on their website.
10th Avenue S Hillclimb
With I-5 nearby and a steep hillside to the south, Yesler Terrace can feel isolated from surrounding neighborhoods. Seattle Housing staff heard from Yesler Terrace residents that they would like a more direct connection to adjacent neighborhoods. In response, Seattle Housing will build a pedestrian staircase and accessible ramp along the 10th Avenue South right-of-way.
First Hill Streetcar
The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) laid tracks in the spring of 2013 for the First Hill Streetcar and built new sidewalks along Yesler Way and Broadway. In early 2014, SDOT will complete the electrical work needed for the project, as well as landscaping and station shelter construction.
Horiuchi Park
Horiuchi Park, located on the east side of Boren Avenue, is named after well-known Northwest artist Paul Horiuchi. The park will receive a makeover this summer and transform into a bustling 30-plot community garden.
New Neighborhood Park
Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle Housing Authority are working together to develop a large new neighborhood park on Yesler Way next to the Yesler Community Center. Seattle Housing will transfer the 1.8 acres of land to the City of Seattle at no cost. Seattle Parks is leading the planning, design, and development of the space.
Pedestrian Connection between 9th Ave and 10th Ave S Hillclimb
The Transformation Plan for Yesler Terrace includes a new interconnected network of sidewalks, streets and open space on the 30-acre Yesler site, connecting it to the surrounding neighborhood. Seattle Housing’s second Choice Neighborhoods Initiative grant will fund the extension of the pedestrian connection between 9th Ave S and the 10th Ave S Hillclimb. This connection creates a direct path for pedestrians and cyclists to travel between First Hill, Yesler Terrace, and Little Saigon.

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