Yesler Terrace - Neighborhood Vision

The vision for the Neighborhood component is to transform Yesler Neighborhood into a diverse, connected, safe and sustainable neighborhood of choice for people of all backgrounds and incomes, adjacent to downtown and major regional employers, for the benefit of the entire city. This component focuses on the community infrastructure and amenities that are needed to create a truly viable mixed-income neighborhood. Choice Neighborhood grant funding of $1.5 million is leveraging other funds to create a pedestrian hillclimb connecting Yesler Terrace to the Little Saigon neighborhood along the 10th Ave. S. right of way. Horiuchi Park, located off Boren Avenue, is being enhanced with help from the City of Seattle to include community garden space. Finally, the retail space at 12th and Yesler will be subsidized to make lease rates affordable to small neighborhood businesses. Below is an immersive visualization of what a completely renovated Yesler Terrace might look like if built out to its full capacity.

YT Redevelopment Visualization (w/ audio) from Seattle Housing Authority on Vimeo.

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