YeggyFollowing a competitive process, SHA has commissioned Seattle artist Yeggy Michael to design a unique piece of art for the recently completed Kebero Court complex at the northeast corner of Yesler Way and Boren Avenue. The piece will anchor the corner and be visibly prominent from multiple directions at this major intersection. During the period when he was contemplating various approaches to the design, Yeggy created opportunities to interact with residents, most of whom had just moved into their new homes. He gained insights which contributed to the evolution of the work.

Yeggy is delighted to be able to add to the richness and variety of the physical environment of the transforming Yesler community and to create a work that translates its cultural diversity into three dimensions. He sees his work as capturing a period of significant social and physical change: “Sharing my work with this space of community infrastructure, is a synthesis of a long term relationship and embedded in it will be this very moment in history that prolongs its memory in our minds.”

To learn more about Yeggy Michael, visit his website here.

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